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Welcome to the music experiment design lab. My name is Gary and I would like to invite you to listen to some of my music scores (maybe press play on one of the players below before you keep reading). I am a huge fan of any kind of moving pictures. To me it is not only a great passion, it is also a lot of fun, when an audio track is added to any moving pictures. I have scored a lot of music for any kind of moving pictures (short films, commercials etc). When it comes down to composing music I am a curious and open-minded person. I am convinced that pictures and movies are much more emotionally charged in conjunction with a great soundtrack and a carefully crafted music design. Sound can have diverse and stunning effects in so many different ways. If you commission composing work from me, I'm honest, direct and capable of a great variety of musical styles and moods. I recommend only what I consider to be useful. Even if this means that a stronger effect can be achieved by the omission of sound and music. My concepts and compositions are modular in design. They can always be developed further, with fresh combinations and can adapt to social trends or any other needs, to achieve whatever you have on your agenda or on your creative mind.
Regarding Commissioned Compositions:
- I own all synchronization rights for both the Master and Publishing for all my music.
- I can write original music as well as license existing compositions.
- If an existing song needs adjustments to fit a video I can do adjustments/editing to pre-existing tracks.
Please get in touch to see about availability and a quote.
- How much it costs to license a song / composition depends on many variables.
Please feel free to get in touch directly so costs can be determined on a per-project basis. When requesting a quote, it is helpful to include as much information about your project as possible, such as:
- song you want to use / - media type / - project description / - rights you are requesting / - music budget


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